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About NEOsky

NEOsky is a flight tracking and monitoring solution that provides real time information of aircraft within its coverage areas. At NEOsky, our vision is to become the prime enabler of transparent management of the air transport eco-system in Indonesia and beyond. Our business is the development of core systems that are useful for a wide variety tasks to realize our vision, at prices that enables use throughout relevant stakeholders of the industry, large or small.

To show live air traffic, NEOSky use ADS-B transmissions from the aircraft and is processed and aggregated on our servers, and displayed according to the user needs. ADS-B is the primary technology used by NEOSky to receive aircraft information. This diagram shows the basics of the Automated Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast system

  1. Aircraft obtains position using the GPS system

  2. ADS-B transponder on the aircraft transmit signal containing location, altitude, aircraft identification, etc

  3. ADS-B signal is received by NEOsky receivers and transmits the information to the AVGS (Advanced Virtual Global Surveillance) server.

  4. AVGS server then displays the information to users.

ADS-B is relatively recent to the development in aviation technology and is only being embraced by ATC around the world as an additional means of air traffic surveillance. It is estimated that 70% of all commercial passenger aircraft are equipped with ADS-B and the number is growing as new airliners being delivered are almost always ADS-B equipped. By 2020, ADS-B will become mandatory around the world and will become the primary means of air traffic surveillance in some countries.

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