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"For Safe and Transparent Flight Operations..."

About NEOsky

NEOsky is an ATFM (Air Traffic Flow Management) and ACDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) system that provides real time information of flight operation within its coverage areas. At NEOsky, our vision is to become the prime enabler of transparent management of the air transport eco-system in Indonesia and beyond. Our business is the development of core systems that are useful for a wide variety tasks to realize our vision, at prices that enables use throughout relevant stakeholders of the industry, large or small.

Based on SkySort Engine developed by SkySort Aerosystem Indonesia which able to provide fully automatic data gathering and data processing from various inputs, from ADS-B receiver, ground vehicle GPS, MAVLink enabled drone/UAV and human input from gadget or PC. The system was designed to be modular, which provides benefits of small footprint, resource efficient, distributed processing and integrated.

SkySort Architecture

NEOsky Process Flow

Not just another ADS-B provider...

NEOsky is different that common ADS-B tracking sites you ever seen. While other tracking system offers only position of the aircraft, departure and arrival time, and other commonly published data, we provides more deep information than that. We provides how long aircraft parked in the terminal, how long it utilize a runway, how long and how many cycle it did during holding, utilization ratio of the runway, aircraft movement per hour (NAC) of the airport, TCAS report and many more. The use of NEOsky is not to find out when your family flight arrived but to inform you how much your aircraft or airport generating income for you.

This system offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) and for local implementation/fully adoption.

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